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About Wycam's

Wycam’s is a Belgian manufacturer of traditional, top-quality boiled sweets that are made using an ultra-modern production process. All Wycam’s products are made from the finest ingredients and packed using the latest modern techniques.

Wycam’s has opted for a unique formula: hard, boiled sweets that are packed in small tins with a beautifully traditional look.

The Wycam’s name originates from Camille Wyckmans. Camille began his career in 1946, working from home, in the borough of Schoten. He made his first “Borstbollen®” – “Cough-Drops” in English – on a traditional Leuvense Kachel stove, based on a regional recipe. Initially, he sold his Cough-Drops from home in his own grocer’s shop. Before long, Camille saw how much people liked his sweets and included them on his house-to-house rounds, which he operated from a little delivery van. Already packaged in small tins, sales of his Cough-Drops grew and grew. Finally, they became so successful that he needed to hire additional staff and go into full production. Even back then, Camille was already busy looking for methods of making sweets using machines, but without altering their unique and original flavour. Then, because his pioneering work was enjoying more and more acclaim from the public, Camille decided to focus entirely on his Cough-Drops and the grocer’s shop was closed. The little building in Schoten quickly became too small for the growing production requirements of his Cough-Drops. In 1973, Wycam’s moved to a new factory in Kalmthout, to the north of Antwerp. At the same time, it was decided to expand the product range further. Management of the company was passed on to Camille’s son, Robert Wyckmans, who expanded sales all over Belgium, as well as to the neighbouring countries of Holland, Luxembourg, France and Germany.

After Robert Wyckmans, it was time for the third generation: Eric Wyckmans. Unfortunately, the fourth generation had other interests, and thus the company was sold. Joris Thijs, himself a third generation confectioner, managed to take over the company.

This way, Wycam's remains a family owned business which puts quality first.



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