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Wycam’s makes its products using an ultra-modern manufacturing process that guarantees quality, hygiene and food safety. But we still remain faithful to the carefully guarded secrets of Wycam’s recipes.
Wycam's thinks green

Wycam’s is located in the beautiful green surroundings of Kalmthout, close to woods and heathland – hence our concern for protecting the environment.

As a business, we make an active contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. Wycam’s is totally self-sufficient in its power requirements thanks to its system of solar panels.

We use water and energy sparingly and responsibly in our production processes.

Where possible, all of our waste products are recycled.

Wycam’s is in favour of protecting the planet and works actively towards achieving that aim.



Europark Oost 16 | B-9100 Sint-Niklaas
Tel. 0032 (0)3 666 74 36 

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