No one can ignore this classic. Our Cough Drops are known for their specific taste. And yet every person experiences this candy in their own way: one tastes caramelized sugar, while the other gets more of the liquorice taste. But how do those tastes come about? That remains our secret. Try it yourself and taste the pure nostalgia! 


Sugar, glucose syrup, Gluten-free

  • Nutritional value per 100 grams:
  • Energy 1326 kJ/325 kcal.
  • Fats < 0,5 g
  • Of which saturated < 0,5 g
  • Carbohydrates 78,2 g
  • Of which sugar 78,2 g
  • Protein <0,5g
  • Salt < 0,01 g


  • The Wycam’s Cough Drops are available individually or in cans of 150 g, 195 g, 325 g or 500 g tubos.