made the
traditional way

C. Wyckmans


Our story of starting a confectionery goes all the way back to 1946. Camille Wyckmans had a grocery store in Schoten, but sadly enough it was looted during WWII. With what was left he made the first real Cough Drops on his Leuven stove. He sold them in his little store. People loved them and as the Cough Drops grew in popularity, Camille decided to make larger quantities and deliver them to people’s homes with a van. Back then he was already offering the Cough Drops in their signature cans, which we still use today. 



The success recipe

Unique flavor

The success of the Cough Drops continued and forced Camille to close his grocery store and focus entirely on making sweets. In 1973 Wycam’s moved to a proper factory in Kalmthout. Even then, Camille and his team remained loyal to the unique recipe.

Product range


The business was then taken over by Camille’s son, Robert Wyckmans. New flavours were added to the range and sales continued to grow. At some point the Cough Drops went beyond Belgium as the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Germany also jumped on the bandwagon. 



J. Thijs


Robert passed the torch on to his son Eric. After that, the company was sold and ended up in the hands of our family: the Thijs family. Rest assured, we are very passionate about the confectionery. Our goal? Honouring the Wycam’s tradition by remaining loyal to the authentic recipe. 

Production process 

Unique recipes

Wycam’s makes its confectionery by staying true to the traditional recipe. The production is therefore done in a completely unique way. How exactly? Of course, that remains a well-kept secret. However, we can say that we are evolving in line with the latest food safety techniques and regulations. The core and taste of the recipe always remain the same, though.

Wycam’s is green

Sustainability also plays an important role in Wycam’s production process. That is why we have invested in high-quality insulation and we use natural gas instead of fuel oil for heating. We are aware of the global environmental and climate problems and therefore focus on a greener production. Our electricity is 100% green and locally produced by Wase Wind. In this way we contribute to a better world.